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Resolve your legal matters with the legal professionals at the Law Office of Johnny Phillips P.C.. With offices in Newnan, GA and Atlanta, GA, we focus on personal injury law, including auto accident injuries, slip and fall, product liability and other issues caused by another's negligence. Our law office and personal injury lawyer takes a complete approach to your matters through strong investigation, fact and evidence gathering, and ensuring our clients get the best possible legal representation both during their medical treatments and through personal injury settlements or trials. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are fairly and fully compensated for what they have been through. You don't pay anything unless your case is settled or a verdict is returned in your favor. Please call for a free case evaluation or to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA and Newnan, GA today.

Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide the best client experience as well as the best legal representation through settlement or trial for all of our injured clients.

Johnny Phillips

Johnny Phillips

Civil Trial Attorney

Our Services

Automobile Collisions

Our law office specializes in personal injury law and has settled and tried hundreds of cases resulting in millions of dollars in recovery for our clients. It is reassuring for our clients to know they have an experienced trial attorney, who can handle their legal matters to get the best possible recovery.

Trucking Collisions

Truck accidents require absolutely skillful handling. Trucking companies have experienced trial attorneys to protect them, and so you need to ensure your team is just as strong. The Law Office of Johnny Phillips has a strong litigation team ready to take on trucking companies and can help you get back to where you were.

Slip/Trip & Fall

The law for a slip/trip and fall matter can be very particular and difficult for clients to understand. If you believe that your slip/trip and fall was the result of someone else's negligence or fault, please call. The Law Office of Johnny Phillips has extensive experience in this area, and can help you.

Pedestrian Accidents

Our team knows how to handle your pedestrian accident from the moment you sustained your injuries until the last court appearance. From medical bills to health providers, our team takes care of every necessary detail. We conduct in-depth investigation, and if needed, filing your lawsuit. Issues are resolved through settlement or trial.

Construction Defects

Many people are injured because of defects in construction. These include sidewalk holes, falling pieces of ceiling tiles, and other defects. These matters typically require extensive legal knowledge. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide you the highest quality legal representation for these complicated matters.

Product Liability

From defective razors to insulin needles, to household chemicals, potentially dangerous products arise everyday. It is only through extensive investigation, gathering evidence, and expert assistance that your case can be legally proven. Let our experienced legal team provide you with outstanding representation for you product liability matter.

Choosing the right company for your service is easy when you turn to us. We are honored to be your choice for excellent service that caters to your needs. Call or click today for a free case evaluation.